How To Find Your Passion

How To Find Your Passion

how to find your passion

When I was young my parents advised me to go into merchant banking as they felt I had a head for figures and they believed that financial security trumped everything else.

The first problem was I didn’t know what merchant banking was. The second was that finding meaning through work appealed infinitely more than simply making wealth.

During the questing time of adolescence, I found a good steer while reading Scott M Peck’s A World Waiting to be Born. He offered a notion called ‘the guidelines of the heart’:

The kind of work that calls you is the kind of work (a) that you need most to do, and (b) that the world needs most to have done. If you really get a kick out of your work, you've presumably met requirement (a), but if your work is writing deodorant commercials, the chances are, you've missed requirement (b). On the other hand, if your work is being a doctor in a leper colony, you've probably met requirement (b), but if most of the time you're bored and depressed by your work, the chances are that you've not only bypassed (a), but probably aren't helping your patients much either. The place you’re called to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet.

Finding Life Purpose

When it comes to finding your purpose in life some people are fortunate in discovering it early. Great Thunberg found her calling as an activist at a young age. MotoGP rider Casey Stoner was just three years old when he fell in love with riding motorbikes and found his passion. Most of us, however, don’t have that childhood instant knowing of what we’re meant to be doing. It’s something of an odyssey.

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The Wealth Retreat

the wealth retreat

A radical rethink of our relationship to money is needed if we are to readdress the imbalances behind climate change, poverty, unhappiness and so many other social issues.

Some years ago Ken Robinson made waves in the realm of education by arguing that we need to move away from the archaic manufacturing model of education to take an approach more like organic farming. Instead of squeezing people into narrow moulds and creating compliant consumers, Robinson suggested we cultivate the uniqueness of individuals and help them find a fit in a society where they can best offer their gifts.

Nipun Mehta was a software engineer who found himself climbing the corporate ladder along with everyone else.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell once said, “There is perhaps nothing worse than reaching the top of the ladder and discovering that you're on the wrong wall.” Midlife crisis often stems from following the scripted path of success.

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