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Numerology & Astrology are sister sciences in the same way that physics and chemistry are in the realm of the natural sciences. As we start recalibrating from the overexuberance placed on rationality installed during the age of reason, humanity is rediscovering the deep wisdom found in these metaphysical sciences.

"Humans should take their knowledge from the Sun, the Moon and the Stars." - Ralph Waldo Emerson






A few decades ago, Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence we are capable of possessing. Millenia ago, Pythagoras argued that the 9 primary numbers relate to 9 archetypal patterns as well as life stages. Numerology can help you understand the major focuses of your life, explain your personality and give insight into what themes will present during different years of your life.

"Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe." - Galileo






Joni Mitchell famously sang the phrase "We are stardust.” Science has since confirmed that everything in the universe originated from stardust, demonstrating our interconnectedness while suggesting we are ultimately imperishable. The electrical magnetism of the planets effects us depending on the placements we chose when incarnating on Earth.

"Astrology is like a gateway drug to a more cosmic world view." - Ruby Warrington



Polaris, The North Star, is renowned for remaining still in our sky while the whole northern sky moves around it.

It is not nearly the brightest star but its value comes from its fixity.

For centuries people have relied on it to sail the seas and cross trackless deserts without losing their bearings.

Being a yellow supergiant star shining with the luminosity of 2500 suns, it is easy to find the Pole Star.

When it comes to finding our internal North Star it can prove a lot more challenging.

Numerology holds that our date of birth and our name offers a blueprint to better understand our lives.

Combining the seasonal, or cyclical nature of life with mathematics, it helps makes sense of the present while offering insights into what the future holds.  


Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself. - Plato 


Astrology also draws on one's date of birth to illuminate our North Star.

Where numerology takes into account one's name, astrology looks at your place of birth to reveal the placement of the planets.

Twins are often very similar in nature due to sharing planetary placements but the influence of differing names colours them more uniquely.

When you integrate the esoteric sciences of numerology & astrology with the secular sciences of psychology & sociology, you start to get a good deal of insight into what values, passions and purpose is truly your own and what are inherited.

For as Jung and other great thinkers have recognised, the rational mind can only take us so far.

 Left brained awareness helps anchor us in the here and now, similarly like the ego grounds the soul when it comes to our psyches.

The poet Theodore Roethke captured how a right brained awareness gathered from numerology with astrology prevents us from getting too bogged down by survival and immediate concerns:

"A wave of Time hangs motionless on this particular shore.

I notice a tree, arsenical grey in the light, or the slow

Wheel of the stars, the Great Bear glittering colder than snow,

And remember there was something else I was hoping for."

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  • I never knew how numerology has an influence upon the story of my life, that was until I met Marcus who explained so much about my numbers and how they relate to me. The greatest benefit of numerology for me was the gift of insight. - Lisa P

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