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Spiritual awareness surfaced after early humans satisfied basic survival needs and felt the relief of safety in numbers. This led to primitive forms of spiritual expression such as awe and gratitude, which they expressed through art, song and dance.

Concepts grew in complexity as people built civilisations. No longer fixated on how to stay alive, people began engaging their minds and imaginations in creative thought. We began looking up and in time we realised that the movement of the stars was predictable and they had clear effects on the seasons, the tides and the harvests.

Jungian analyst, Ann Bedford Ulanov says, “As the instincts are to the body, so the archetypes are to the psyche.”

With our consciousness growing it seemed logical that these lights shaped everything else in our lives.

The Hellenistic world produced amazing adepts known as the magi, who could understand the secret symbolism of planets and numbers. These magi guided people to build better, more amorous lives.

You, like those ancient seers, can redirect your life to claim the fullest and richest expression of it, once you understand the language of astrology's symbols and relevance to our lives.

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An astrology course which incorporates your personal astrology chart.

This course can be taken as part of a small group course or as an intensive program for an individual either online or at our Astrology Retreat. This deep dive will suit:

• Astrology and numerology enthusiasts (beginners welcome) 

• Tarot and oracle readers
• Jungians & those drawn to depth psychology
• Therapists looking to add a powerful modality to their tool kit
• Those drawn to shadow work & healing woundedness
• People committed to personal development & spiritual development
• Those who are committed to their life's work/mission & looking to meet kindred spirits 

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Astrology Courses

sacred geometry workshops
complement astrology study with yoga, meditation and self-reflection
sacred geometry classes
enjoy a quiet, cosy space designed for study and contemplation
Chase waterfalls after dark on a spectacular floodlit night walk
within walking distance of the healing Mini Ha Ha waterfall

Astrologer University

Growing beyond a materialist, reductionist worldview.

Journalist Richard Louv found that many people entering adulthood want to resist the rapid slide from the real to the virtual. Andrew Sullivan spoke to the crash he experienced in his media job working as a web obsessive, publishing blog posts multiple times a day where his brain was occupied insistently by so many different subjects fully immersed in the stream of internet consciousness, jumping from site to site and tweet to tweet. After quitting his job he went to a meditation retreat and recalibrated his life.

Many of the architects of our internet world take a reprieve from Silicon Valley each year to spend a long weekend at Burning Man in the Nevada desert, where no cellular signals penetrate. There is a spirit of radical self-reliance (you survive for seven days or so only on what you can bring into the vast temporary city) and an ethic of social equality. You are forced to interact only as a physical human being with other physical human beings — without hierarchy. They dance, they experiment; and they build community in various camps.

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 For the times they are a-changin'

Richard Louv spoke of the synergy that can be found between nature and technology if used consciously:

"The ultimate multitasking is to live simultaneously in both the digital and physical worlds, using computers to maximise our powers to process intellectual data and natural environments to ignite our senses and accelerate our ability to learn and feel — combining the resurfaced “primitive” powers of our ancestors with the digital speed of our teenagers."

Rumi, challenged individuals "to stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion." Millennials and Gen Z can learn to code and make an app, create a social initiative or documentary using their mobile phones. Victor Hugo said that “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come.” But as Greta Thunberg has shown, it usually requires technology be harnessed to make those ideas known.

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Millennials are the generation that encompass the zodiac archetype of Scorpio residing in Pluto (from 1983 to 1995). Both Scorpio and Pluto are fascinated by the numinous, the supernatural and the unknown. They also involve death, rebirth and transformation.

While Western society has produced marvels and great artistic expression it has also contributed to ancestral trauma, ecological destruction and the impacts of a disparate social hierarchy based on oppression, manipulation, inducement of fear and disempowering others.

Astrology expresses complex ideas about personality, life cycles and relationship patterns through the shorthand of the planets and zodiac symbols. Technology is allowing greater accessibility to learn about astrology and keep abreast with the changing cycles which affect us. It is not just this Pluto generation that has tired of the hollowness of a life stuck in the web or cut off from greater meaning. A move towards minimalism, permaculture, plant medicine and greater respect for ancient wisdom has led to a resurgence in symbolic languages such as astrology to offer alternative thinking and perspectives.

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Course For Astrology

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Self-Understanding & Keys To Happiness


We tend to allow ‘nurture’ to dictate what our values are and where we can find happiness. Astrology balances this with the insights of ‘nature’, indicating where our true strengths are, how we can find flow and where our innate satisfaction lies as opposed to the workings of cultural conditioning.


Not only are we in the universe, the universe is in us. I don’t know of any deeper spiritual feeling than what that brings upon me. - Neil de Grasse Tyson.



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Relationship Needs & Approach   

Our unique configuration of planets and signs provide a strong indication of what our needs are in relationships and how we approach them. Understanding the archetypes and how they dance within an individual's chart allows us to determine the partners who match or complement us while helping us understand our blind spots and rough edges.

We need not feel ashamed of flirting with the zodiac. The zodiac is well worth flirting with. — D. H. Lawrence



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Karmic Wounds & Areas of Growth 

Aldous Huxley once said, there is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self. Just as we replay childhood wounds and patterns of behaviour we often do the same on our soul’s journey. This course outlines the generational themes of various planets and helps you recognise in a birth chart where a person’s wounds lie and where avenues of growth are emerging. Recently, a branch of astrology known as Family Constellations has arisen to assist with intergenerational trauma.

The sight of the stars makes me dream - Vincent Van Gogh


Astrology Retreat

Program Outline:

Day 1

Morning Session

Introduction to astrology and a look at the first six signs of the zodiac, the astrological houses and how they reveal themselves in your life.


Afternoon Session

A look at the last six signs of the zodiac, the astrological houses and how they reveal themselves in your life.

Dinner (or the option for you to take in one of the local dining facilities)

Optional Evening Session

Day 2 

Morning Session

An exploration of the major planets and how they reveal themselves in your life.


Afternoon Session

We continue looking at the major planets, how planets impact (aspect) one another, generational and collective astrology and how to look for chart patterns.

Cost: $590 for a 2 day weekend program

 or $540 for a weekday program.

Inclusions: Accommodation, meals, workbooks and the exposition of your personal astrologty chart.

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Included in your package is an optional stand up paddleboarding session, mountain bike ride or bush walk at the end of day 1 of your program (weather permitting).


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