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Tarot Course Sydney

Having been a tarot reader for 25+ years I pass on my tarot card knowledge through a variety of tarot reading workshops. These can be seen as:

  • A psychic development course 
  • An illumination of the mystery of the tarot
  • The souls journey as an archetypal quest
  • A spiritual development course
  • A vibrant way to learn tarot card meanings
  • A way to practise giving personal tarot readings
  • A great way to meet with other seekers 

Tarot Card Reading Classes 

My face to face tarot classes take place at Nature Care College in Sydney. 

I also offer tarot reading classes online via zoom.

My beginner classes are ideal for those who want to learn tarot reading firstly through becoming familiar with each of the cards.

The intermediate and advanced tarot course covers each of the cards in greater depth, while offering opportunity for you to practice giving tarot readings.

Learn Tarot Cards

Take a look at a couple of my blog articles which give you a taste of what you'll explore in my tarot training courses:

Learn about The Lovers tarot card



Professional Tarot Reading Course

psychic development course sydney

Psychic Development


Many of us connect with our sixth sense through moments of intuitive knowing or hunches. Tarot training courses are an enjoyable way to develop your psychic skills. Giving readings to other students helps you tune in with your extrasensory perception and balance head knowledge with being a vessel for spirit to move through.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." - Albert Einstein



tarot card meanings

Tarot Card Meanings 

Minor Arcana & The Court Cards 

These cards in the tarot deck represent people and capture the everyday aspects of life captured by the four elements: water/cups (love & relationships), earth/pentacles (wealth & career), air/swords (thinking & ideas) & fire/wands (creativity & passion).

"What Jung calls the self is simultaneously: 1) the psychic totality of an individual & 2) the regulating center of the collective unconscious." - Marie-Louise von Franz



learn tarot cards

Major Arcana Tarot 

The Soul's Journey through the archetypes

The major arcana of the tarot takes us from the naïveté of The Fool through to the wisdom and contentment of The World. Requiring no language at all, the symbolism in the major arcana trumps words and holds universal appeal century after century. It contains the ultimate self-development course.

"The psyche is a self-regulating system whose aim is not perfection but wholeness & equilibrium." - Sallie Nichols


Tarot Reading Workshops

Tarot Reading Course Sydney 


Major Arcana of the Tarot

major arcana

Course Overview - Major Arcana 

Each week we will explore an archetypal pairing, or duality, in the major arcana cards.

You will then work in pairs to practice reading for each other in order to translate head knowledge into embodied knowledge. This course is ideal for those wanting to combine psychic development with a deep understanding of the tarot.

Event Details 







Introduction to Tarot Course July 6 2022 for 8 weeks via Zoom:




Introduction to Tarot

The ancient and time-honored practice of tarot reading is one of the best tools available to develop our intuitive muscle.

Whether you are new to the tarot or looking to improve your ability to read the cards, this experiential, fun and informative workshop will provide participants with a foundational understanding of tarot.

We will explore the symbolism and meaning behind the minor arcana, major arcana, court cards and examine the relationships between the cards.

As the major arcana embodies the archetypal journey, we will travel through the card sequence towards the healthy and whole. By connecting with the journey of the deck, participants may experience the course as a personal development exercise for greater insight into their own individual strengths and areas of challenge.

Our class will conclude with the group interpreting an individual's spread to bring all the learning into practice.

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What You Will Learn 


  • The history of the Tarot
  • The relationship between the tarot and ones subconscious
  • The symbolism & meaning of each of the minor arcana cards
  • The major arcana card and the archetypal soul's journey
  • The court cards and their relationship to the astrological archetypes
  • How cards relate to one another and how you can depict a complete picture through a reading
  • Different tarot spreads
  • How to expand your psychic development 


Event Details 



TBA or Zoom

July 6 2022 - August 24 2022



Tarot Course

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    Thanks for your tarot reading classes that were so full of useful and insightful information. Your tarot course gave me a great introduction to the cards and helped so much with my psychic development.

    - Christine L

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