Is tarot accurate? Can tarot predict the future? Tarot prediction

tarot prediction

Is tarot accurate?

Can tarot predict the future?

No, I’m not a fortune teller. Many people seek out a psychic reading or future tarot reading, because they want someone to provide a quick fix for a deep issue. Rather than provide psychic readings where you are told what is going to happen in your future or what you should do with your life, I work with you to explore present circumstances.

An accurate tarot reading doesn’t involve scientifically looking at a card like a mechanic would diagnose an issue with a vehicle from a manual. Two people may have an identical tarot spread but it will carry an entirely different message for each individual. My gift during an intuitive reading is to interpret your energy or the energy of the spread in order to help you with decisions you’re making or to make sense of a situation that is alive for you right now.

So while tarot doesn’t predict the future, tarot card readings do focus largely on the present or are forward-looking, more often than they involve exploring the past.

Tarot prediction

At times my intuition will be uncannily accurate, hence I regard myself as a clairvoyant. For example, a client came in for a reading and was quite taken aback when I mentioned the cards indicated that a very special partner may reveal themselves very soon. The spread spoke of her need to let go of past hurts and open her heart again when he appears.

She had been single for some time and wasn’t looking to meet anyone, busily focusing on other areas of her life. A few months later she got in touch to say that to her great surprise she had met someone with whom a flourishing connection had grown. 2 years later she is closer than ever to him.

Now if she sought a psychic medium desperate to learn when the love of her life would finally appear she might have found a very different reading surface.

Ultimately, the tarot doesn’t provide step by step instructions or dates that events will occur. It is simply a conduit for universal intelligence to flow through. A simple rule of thumb is that the more a person works on becoming conscious, the more useful, or accurate is the wisdom from tarot that responds.

Better to think of a card reader as someone offering a little guidance or help to unlock the answers inside you when you pursue greater self-empowerment rather than see them as a circus performer that can spit out winning lottery numbers or other frivolities.


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