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tarot cards prediction

Tarot Cards Prediction.

Many people think of divination as predicting the future. But another definition of it is “the practice of seeking knowledge of the unknown by supernatural means.”

From this perspective, tools of divination work to reveal the root cause of blockages and emotional unease so that people can move forward in life.

There are endless volumes of self-help books, therapies and therapists that people can seek out. The problem is that for many people the rational mind is already too dominant and has little to offer when it comes to ones soul life or inner world.

Divination with tarot cards

I-Ching, palm reading, runes, reading tea leaves are just of a few of the modern and ancient tools that people seek out as alternatives to talking therapy or stoically going it alone in life.

In my experience, many people who come to see me for a reading are often people who feel that therapy or counselling is too confronting. Tarot cards act as a safety buffer that allows them to receive insights and meet them where they are.

The tarot is also a bit more seductive than therapy as people like the idea of having something mysterious tell them what the future might bring.

No form of divination is inherently better than another. We simply respond more to some types than others. Often it is valuable to mix it up. For example, if you routinely get your palm read every year then it might be worth trying something different on occasion and seeing if a tarot card reading provides some enlightenment.

What makes the tarot a particularly unique and valuable method in my mind is that it is made up of two distinct arcanas. The minor arcana, made up of 4 suits (56 cards) focuses on day-to-day matters like love, relationships, emotional wellbeing, finances, career matters etc. The major arcana, in contrast, focuses on the souls journey, with 22 archetypal themes that speak to our inner lives and cover every stage of life. In coming together, the arcanas blend so that a person can integrate parts of themselves that have become squashed or ignored.

As Sasha Graham puts it, “Tarot is a mirror always reflecting you back to yourself. Your joys, hardships, greatest accomplishments, deepest places, and lightest dreams are all there within seventy-eight cards.”

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