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Leaving the overculture to take the Soul’s Journey

An advanced tarot course incorporating depth psychology.

Designed to be an intimate group of no more than 6 people, we will gather every equinox & solstice over 18 months to engage with tarot pairings in a way which is meaningful to our everyday lives.

Alternatively, this tarot class can be done as an individual retreat program at our Blue Mountains Retreat Centre or online.

This deep dive will suit:

  • Tarot enthusiasts (beginners welcome)  
  • Tarot and oracle readers
  • Jungians & those drawn to depth psychology
  • Therapists looking to add a powerful modality to their tool kit
  • Those drawn to shadow work & healing woundedness
  • People committed to personal development & spiritual development
  • Those who are committed to their life's work/mission & looking to meet kindred spirits

* Group course commences when 6 students have booked in. If you'd prefer to pay when the course is filled up please contact me and I'll add you name to the list. 

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 More info & the retreat program outline

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