The Intrepid Series

When Paul Hawken’s was invited to give a commencement speech, he was asked to give a talk to graduates that was direct, naked, taut, honest, passionate, lean, shivering, startling, and graceful. In short, to be intrepid.

The year was 2009 and the world was reeling from the GFC, where the lack of integrity displayed by the finance sector was having a ruinous effect on countless individuals and global economies. This was on the back of a collective that was finally facing reality in regards to climate change and the impending crossroads that humanity is at. Hawken’s delivered. The essence of his message was that civilisation needs a new operating system, it needs it within a few decades and we are the programmers.

If we are going to reconstitute the world, this new foundation will require individuals who have first reconstituted themselves.



The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is the fear of the unknown. - H.P Lovecraft

Prometheus and the Gift of Fire

Here in Australia, forest fires are synonymous with wanton destruction, invoking tremendous fear in people. We imagine what it would be like to lose our houses, our possessions and possibly life itself. The early European settlers were equally perplexed by how comfortable the indigenous Australians were with fire and how it was present throughout the seasons. As a result, large intense bushfires were uncommon.

Numerology Compatibility

numerology compatibility

Numerology for Compatibility

Compatibility numerology in relationships provides insight into suitability for romance, appreciation of differences and how to better cultivate relationship harmony.

When first meeting people we show our personality number.

But our heart’s desire number, or the deeper side to ourselves, is only revealed in time, as we feel safer and more comfortable with them.

Often we become attracted to the facade (personality number) that others show.

A prospective partner may be a natural match in terms of personality numbers, but a strong clash with our heart’s desire number.

Compatibility in Numerology

Equally important, is knowing whether our life path number syncs with a partner’s or repels them.

Our life path number, or ruling number, is the most important in our numerological blueprint.

numerology 6

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Numerologist Reading 

gillian lynne

When it comes to understanding the outer world we draw on the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry.

But to understand our inner world we can draw on the metaphysical sciences such as numerology and astrology.

Numerology offers a great depth of insight into human personality and determining our individuality.

Consider the experience of Gillian Lynne.

At school, she had a distinct lack of focus, constantly fidgeted and significantly underperformed.

Concerned that something was amiss, her parents sought out the expertise of a doctor to help explain why she was languishing.

The doctor had the intuition that she was someone interested in movement rather than rote learning.

After Gillian’s mother outlined her daughter’s symptoms, the doctor asked Gillian to leave the room so he could speak to her mother privately.

He then turned on the radio and walked out.

“Look at your daughter,” he said as Gillian danced with abandon to the radio.

Rather than prescribe her ADHD medication or berate her for being a poor student, he suggested they enrol her in dance school.

master number 11

Just as a parent can be too close to their child to understand their deepest needs, so too can we be too familiar with ourselves to figure us out.

In addition to drawing on the expertise of psychologists and other specialists who can help us gain self-understanding, esoteric sciences such as numerology also offer insight into our unique makeup and the makeup of our loved ones. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Soul Blueprint Reading

    Having never experienced a Numerology reading or Astrology Reading before, I did not know what to expect. I went in completely open and Marcus really helped shine a light on myself, and showed me things about my inner workings that I were not even conscious of, but upon reflection were very true. Having had a soul blueprint with Marcus, I feel a sense of drive, curiosity and eagerness to challenge myself like never before to reach further than I ever thought I could ever get to. I feel empowered and much more confident in my past and the possibilities of my future. - Craig D
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