How does tarot work? | How do tarot readers work?

how does tarot work

How does tarot work?

On a material level, a tarot reader takes a number of cards from the deck and arranges them in what is known as a spread. They then draw on their knowledge to interpret each of the cards in relation to its individual meaning, its position in the spread and its relationship to the other cards.

How do tarot readers work

Beyond the material level, I have you shuffle and cut the cards, which causes your subconscious to select a set of archetypes. My role as an intuitive reader, or clairvoyant, is to help you make sense of the themes that emerge and speak with your conscious mind in order to bridge the gap. In this way, insights from the collective unconscious are presented in a more tangible way to digest in order that your higher self can be expressed more.

A tarot reading is interactive. With cards having multiple interpretations, together we discuss what appears in the layout. Being present, mindful and open results in your insights being as enlightening as mine. Just the act of slowing down and honouring yourself enough to get a reading enables you to connect with your deeper self.

Occasionally, people will keep their cards close to their chest and hold back their insights, mistaking me for a psychic medium who they wish to test to see if I can read their minds. But I do not regard myself as a fortune teller, nor see this as the value in having a reading done. Guardedness only results in a less impactful reading. As the Dalai Lama simply put it, “An open heart is an open mind.”

Depending on the length of your booking or if there is a lot of potency in a spread we may spend a session solely looking at it, on other occasions we may do a number of spreads. The twists and turns a reading can take are just as surprising and unexpected as those of life itself.

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