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 Most of us have heard about neuroplasticity and how the brain changes itself.

Our thoughts change our cells and genes, as well as our brains.

By changing our beliefs and thought patterns, we can project energies of a higher vibration, which makes our bodies stronger and healthier.

Our everyday state of consciousness is characterised by the beta frequency, where self-criticism and sabotage often dominate our thinking.

Too much theta waves can cause hyperactivity and impulsiveness, while too little leads to stress and anxiety.

Theta healings cultivate a balanced theta state, similar to meditation, connecting us with our higher selves to explore our beliefs and attitudes.

A session of theta healing begins with my scanning your body to identify blocks in the mind, emotions and physical body.

Upon locating any ill health or negative beliefs, together we will replace these with life-affirming and empowering ones.

Theta Healer

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what is theta healing

What is Theta Healing?


A theta healing session takes your brain to a deep theta state (or dream state). It allows you to shed subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and connect you with your higher self. By integrating one’s psyche, emotional wellbeing and physical health flow more easily. 

"Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one's being but by integration of the contraries." - Carl Jung



theta healing benefits

Theta Healing Benefits 


Stress relief - the meditative state relaxes the mind and lessens stress & anxiety
Deprogramming the unconscious mind - it helps to replace negative beliefs & emotions with positive ones
Bridges the spiritual plane - thetahealing facilitates connection with unconditional love / source. 

"Some answers can only be found on the inner net." - Shira Tamir



theta healing practitioners

Theta Healing Practitioners 


There are an estimated 500 000 practitioners worldwide who have learned the theta healing technique. I am among those who have studied it through an accredited training school. While each practitioner has their own style, a typical session involves an intuitive scan, belief work and a healing.

"A true healer helps you to remember and reconnect consciously with your inner light." - Robert Holden