Self Love Retreat

self love retreat


Our self love retreats are designed for people who are after either a

Singles Retreat

a) desiring to be in a relationship and realise that the best way to attract a high functioning partnership is to work on your self-development

or a

Self Care Retreat

b) looking to improve their level of self-love 


Before we can realise our potential we have to know and love ourselves, including our shadow elements.

Too often the education we receive, our family heritage and the messages of the overculture make us feel we are inadequate or wrong for feeling the way we do and holding the values dear to us.


But as psychologist James Hollis said:

“We are not here to fit in, be well balanced, or provide exempla for others. We are here to be eccentric, different, perhaps strange, perhaps merely to add our small piece, our little clunky, chunky selves, to the great mosaic of being. As the gods intended, we are here to become more and more ourselves.”


self love retreats

Self Love Retreat Australia

Self Love Retreat 2020

Program Outline:

Day 1

Morning Session

Filling Your Cup

The program begins with an exploration of codependency vs self-sufficiency. You'll delve into the world of archetypes as a language that expresses our quest for wholeness and balance. It will also cover the societal messages around self-love and the role of relationships.


Mid Morning Session

Tarot / Counselling

This session will be an intuitive tarot reading to examine what is most pressing in your life, allowing you to connect with your subconscious self and the collective unconscious.




Afternoon Session

Clarity & Confidence

Looking at the archetype of the Orphan, you will contemplate what have been the gifts in your woundings. We will cover the tension between acceptance and autonomy, expectations, solitude and the distinction of loving versus being loved. By transmuting our hurts and discovering where our empathy and passions lie, clarity & confidence can launch us onto the path of self-determination.


Mid Afternoon Session 

Locating True North

In the final session of day one, you’ll define your deepest passions and contemplate how your career is helping or impeding your full expression. Self love inevitably leads to caring for others. Finding outlets for our gifts creates a virtuous cycle, increasing self-love through having a sense of fit and value. 


There is an optional waterfall walk for you to do at the end of the day. Exercise and time in nature allows you time to contemplate the days’ learnings.  Alternatively, there are journaling exercises to help you put into words your feelings or the ushering of your soul. You can also explore sacred geometry and spend some time drawing and colouring to better connect with your body.

Dinner (or the option for you to take in one of the local dining facilities)

There are a range of optional evening activities for you to enjoy, such as listening to or reading poetry, life stories, or enjoying a thought-provoking film or inspiring documentary.

Day 2

Start your day with an optional meditation and/or yoga session.


Morning Session

The Pilgrimage of Relationships

Alanis Morissette wrote the song, “Unsent," which consisted of letters addressed to her former boyfriends and friends. Looking at the archetype of the Pilgrim, or Seeker, you’ll reflect on your relationship history and look at the tension we each navigate between passion and security. Jealousy, infidelity, models of relating and personality wiring are some of the themes in this session.


Mid Morning Session

Choose either:

Astrology / Numerology Reading

Explore your soul blueprint via astrology and/or numerology. These tools can illuminate areas of growth and challenge in terms of self love and relationships. Understanding your makeup and the themes you’ve chosen to work on in this lifetime provides greater self-acceptance.


Breathwork / Reiki

Breathwork is a healing modality that helps us reconnect with our bodies and release stored trauma and pain. Reiki is a gentle form of energetic healing that helps with realignment and wellbeing. 



Afternoon Session

From Symptoms to Root Causes

This session will explore the developmental stage known as intimacy versus isolation. Most of us play at reoccuring scripts with little idea as to why we do so. We will cover some psychological models of behaviours that stem from our upbringings, which can help or hinder us in the area of friendships, partnerships and work relationships.


Mid Afternoon Session

Excavating Ingrained Beliefs

Ancient Buddhism spoke of anusayas, which are dormant tendencies in the mind that erupt in episodes of mental and emotional disturbance. In this final session you will gain some objectivity around the core beliefs that developed in your youth and sift through that which is inherently you and that which was inherited.

Cost: $590 for a 2 day program

*Save $50 off the self love weekend retreat by booking a midweek package.

Inclusions: Accommodation, meals, workbooks, counselling and activities. 

Location: Katoomba, Blue Mountains NSW

 self love weekend retreat

“The highest, most decisive experience is to be alone with one's own self.

― Carl Jung


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