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Writing your Life Story: Interpreting Life Events Using the Guidance of Archetypes

 “I am the man whose heart feels imprisoned because I’m yet to find my creative outlet....something is alive in me, what can it be!”

Vincent Van Gogh expressed this frustration before going on to find his life’s passion as a painter. Self-expression is defined as the expression of one's personality, feelings, or ideas, through speech or art. We all have a strong need for self-understanding and self-expression. By delving into the deeper layers of our life’s journey we are able to do both. This course will appeal to both writers as well as non-writers who are self-reflective and open to exploring life events as a way of making greater sense of their passage through life.

Novels, TV and films reveal archetypal patterns, which speak to us at a deep level. Gaining an understanding of the archetypes and what they have to teach us about the stages of life development, unearths rich material to write about our own journey. The course will begin with a brief history of story, biography, the essence of archetypes and the power of creative self-expression. Each day will explore specific archetypes that reflect a time period of our lives. Participants will then compose a story about a life event to uncover its inner meaning. Seeing aspects of your life story in a new light helps clarify your past, as well as the present, and facilitate a shift that can bring insight into your path for the future.

In line with brain plasticity research, it has been proven that writing about life experiences rearranges memories to produce new perspectives in our relationship to what we see on the page. Writing becomes more than therapeutic, it becomes transformative and empowering. Reaching into the events of your life allows you to locate deeper layers of wisdom and find the healing that can lie within them.

Participants will be invited to experience the release and tenderness of sharing their story with others. Navigating the cycle from birth to death will provide a foundation for people to write their autobiography as well as help people reframe events to mine them for learning opportunities and recognise how much they have grown.

Please note that this week long workshop will not take place in the Blue Mountains, where our workshops typically are hosted. This course will take place in Bellingen, between January 8-12th, 2018.

As this is a large, annual event, spots can fill up quickly. Book your place through the event organiser, Camp Creative

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