Write Your Life StoryInterpreting Life Events Guided By Archetypes

Three Areas of Focus

writing self expression

Self-Expression and Greater Self-Understanding

We all have a strong need for self-understanding and self-expression. By delving into the deeper layers of our life’s journey we are able to do both. This course will appeal to both writers as well as non-writers who are self-reflective and open to exploring life events as a way of making greater sense of their passage through life.

There no surer way of realising our potential as human beings than by developing self-expression. It is the rite of passage from being passive to becoming an active participant in society - Peter Thomson



writing material structure

Archetypes/Phases of Life as Inspiration for Material and Structure

Gaining an understanding of the archetypes and what they have to teach us about the stages of life development, unearths rich material to write about our own journey. Each day will explore specific archetypes that reflect a time period of our lives. Participants will then compose a story about a life event to uncover its inner meaning.

Archetypal patterns are what makes us who we are and what drives us. They hold the key to our inner mysteries, power symbols, dreams as well as our cravings, fashion sense, and spending patterns. Everything about us is connected to one or more of our archetypal patterns. - Caroline Myss



writing reframing

Reframing Experiences and Brain Plasticity

It has been proven that writing about life experiences rearranges memories to produce new perspectives in our relationship to what we see on the page. Writing becomes more than therapeutic, it becomes transformative and empowering. Reaching into the events of your life allows you to locate deeper layers of wisdom and find the healing that can lie within them.

Once you understand life is an unfolding story & that you are the storyteller who can shape & play with it on the page, then use that page as you would a roadmap, you gain tremendous power in your life. - Juliet Bruce


Write Your Life Story

January 10-14th Bellingen NSW

The Pursuit of Happiness School is hitting the road to present a week long workshop as part of Camp Creative in the idyllic surrounds of Bellingen.  

Spots are limited. Read on to find out further details about the course as well as how you can book your place.

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