What is a Holistic Approach?

  • What is holistic therapy?

    Holistic therapy involves taking into account the whole person. Abraham Maslow believed the destiny of a tree is to grow straight and tall. Many factors limit a seeds’ potential. Access to sunlight, water, the strength of the grove and the activity of pests all help or hinder a tree’s growth. So do a range of influences impact ours. What is a holistic therapy? One that encompasses the entirety of the psyche and takes you beyond the rational mind. Read More
  • What is a holistic therapist?

    The Western medical approach has been to segregate our bodies and minds into a machine of cogs. A holistic therapist invites people to explore the mythic, or symbolic, dimension of our lives. This holds that we each have a high destiny and that a greater intelligence whispers to us through synchronicity, the law of attraction and other universal principles. When I attempted to compartmentalise my inner life and my work life, a sense of flow eluded me. Upon integrating who I am with what I do, life opened up. Read More
  • What is holistic healing?

    Holistic healing therapies treat the human body as a miraculous, interrelated organism. Theta healing helps shift entrenched mental beliefs, breathwork helps release trauma stored in the body, tarot provides wisdom from the subconscious, reiki and energy healing works with your energetic and subtle body, while intuitive counselling ties all those threads together. Read More
  • What is holistic counselling?

    Holistic counselling is an approach where the external circumstances of your life (eg financial state, relationships, work-life, family life etc) are given equal weight to your internal state and where you are on your soul’s journey. Conventional counselling typically takes the soul out of the equation leading to more of a compartmentalised approach where the symptoms are treated rather than the root causes. Read More
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Holistic Healing Therapies

  • Reiki

    I have had amazing experiences with Ginny. I feel I can open up so much and I receive so much insight and guidance. I always leave feeling positive and confident. My daughter knew nothing of spiritual healing but I took her to see Ginny for reiki and she loved it and felt her head was clear and she was focused and was reassured. - Bernadette O

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