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Some people are fortunate in that they have always had a very clear sense of direction in terms of the career or life they want to lead.

Despite this being the minority of people there is still this cultural expectation that we should have clarity in terms of the career we feel best suited to. In meeting and researching people who are doing unique and satisfying things, I’ve learnt that they have typically gone through a long process to find their passion or gifts, develop them and then work out how to express them in a way they can also earn a living.

This has also been my own experience in striving to find an authentic career match.

The first inauthentic idea I had to work through was that of my parents belief that your career choice should be determined by what offers the most income and security. This simply didn’t resonate with me. What did ring true was the ideas I found among thinkers such as Wordsworth who wrote, “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star.” The notion that life might hold a far greater purpose beyond mere survival always stuck with me.

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Meeting Anh Do, the authentic comedian & communicator.
Meeting Anh Do, the authentic comedian & communicator.
Facilitating young people through the initiation from boyhood into manhood.
Facilitating youth with initiation from boyhood into manhood.
Offering a Rethinking Career Workshop at Camp Creative
Offering a Career Evaluation Workshop at Camp Creative
Launching The Pursuit Of Happiness School
Launching Personal Development based Pursuit Of Happiness School

What Clients Say

  • I knew I was in the right field but unclear about my next step and direction. Marcus helped me redirect my energy and focus with plenty of inspiration, curiosity and plenty to think about. Most importantly, his holistic approach helped to ease some anxiety about my path and choices up to this day, with a clearer understanding of where I am heading. Thank you for your insights, knowledge and generosity! - Mani C

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