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Learn Tarot Cards (Major Arcana)

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Learn Tarot Cards

Major Arcana 

Would you like to take your tarot readings to the next level, develop your intuitive muscle, or have more confidence reading for others? 

This course is aimed at supporting those who already have some understanding of the tarot and would like to work on tapping into their psychic/intuitive abilities to develop their skills and practice tarot readings for friends, family or clients.

Tarot in Practice is an experiential, hands on course full of practical exercises that will help you to gain confidence in your intuitive abilities, and learn the tools required to take your gift out into the world.

Each week you'll deepen your understanding through the exploration of each of the 11 archetypal pairings in the major arcana cards.

This tarot class is delivered online via Zoom.

Our tarot course will run for 2 hours over 11 weeks. Each session will be recorded so if you're unable to make one of the dates you'll be able to access the video recordings.


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