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Why tarot cards work


Tarot cards work because finding clarity and guidance in our lives is becoming ever harder due to the complexity and demands of modern life. Access to wise elders has dipped. Many of us don’t have high functioning family members to draw on. While finding answers within ourselves is proving harder as our connection with our psyche gets buried in the blur of fast-paced lives.


As Gregg Levoy put it in his book Callings:


“A multitude of forces in this world conspires to divide us against ourselves, our power and authenticity, our voices, even our ability simply to listen to ourselves and believe what we hear: parents who either told us or modelled for us that dreams aren't bankable; schooling that braided into our brain stems the message that we must live up to certain standards, the wheedlings of advertising and consumerism; a patriarchal culture that taught us - by the brute force of reason - to abandon our instincts and intuitions.”


If you think of your conscious mind as merely the tip of an iceberg, then you’re bound to find far greater wisdom among the ocean of the collective unconscious, which we can bridge via the archetypes contained in tarot cards.


Card reading can be invaluable to illuminate what is coming in your future so you can embrace change or seize opportunities.

After researching what leads to people succeeding in life, Malcolm Gladwell summed up his research by saying:

“No one-not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses-ever makes it alone.”

People like myself who offer an intuitive reading are just one of many guides who are working to help break the cultural fixation of self-reliance.

Some people consult a reader, wanting tarot yes or no answers on one particular question, tarot for love, while others are open to receiving whatever illumination the collective unconscious is offering.

Tarot card readers can reveal insights from a spread to help you reconcile your past, heal your psyche, remedy unhealthy patterns of behaviour or create healthier family dynamics.

For tarot Sydney I can see you face-to-face, otherwise I’m available for tarot reading online (video readings) or phone.

When it comes to finding trusted psychics in Australia, be sure to take a look at the testimonials of readers.

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