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Memoir Writing Online Course #1 Childhood


Memoir Writing Online Course

Module #1 Exploring Childhood

The Greek poet Homer wrote The Odyssey to tell the journey Odysseus went through. After surviving the war at Troy he went through all manner of trials and adventures in his quest to return to his homeland of Ithaca.

Whereas Homer divided The Odyssey into 24 books, this online memoir writing course takes you through 12 stages of life.

Childhood can be regarded as the first life passage we navigate, setting the scene for our life's trajectory.

Purchasing this module provides you with 3 workbooks.

#1 explores themes of childhood from a more left-brained perspective. It contains over 20 pages with a host of writing prompts and questions.

#2 explores themes of childhood from a more right-brained perspective to incorporate an archetypal model. It contains over 20 pages with writing prompts and questions.

#3 contains over 60 pages of sample writing relating to childhood.

These modules are designed to help you write about and explore your childhood. You also have a further option to receive feedback on your writing and help in locating the overarching theme of your life’s journey. *Feedback and support involves an additional fee.


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