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Depression Retreat


Mental Health Retreat

:Rethinking the imprints from our mothers, fathers and culture

Rather than tend to the symptoms, our mental health retreats explore the root causes of mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and other debilitating emotions. Healing your imprints, is a 2-day retreat program (weekdays) that explores and excavates your beliefs and the behaviours they manifest as.

For a more experiential healing retreat, you might be interested in this retreat we offer.

Alternatively, we can custom design a program that blends the two approaches. 

Counselling, family constellations, theta healing, archetypal psychology and many other holistic therapies are available during your time with us.

Incorporate into this retreat:

  • Excavating beliefs & behaviours

  • Breathwork

  • Reiki and energetic healing

  • Theta healing

  • Tarot reading

  • Soul Blueprint (numerology & astrology)

  • Yoga, meditation, health and wellness

  • Reconnect with your creativity through writing and art

Enjoy a flexible schedule where you can do as much or as little as you feel called to and rediscover what is truly important to you.

Our Blue Mountains Retreat centre is on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW and close to public transport.

This Blue Mountains wellness retreat is close to nature and offers a range of activities & treatments for healing and realignment.

Book your two day experience and I'll arrange with you a date for you to attend.

*A weekend program is available at a cost of $50 extra.

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