Rewilding Work Workshop


Rethinking and Rewilding Work:  Evolving From Your Career Into Your Calling


 “Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying."- Studs Terkel

The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same

40 years ago, Studs Terkel wrote the book, Work, which contained interviews with everyday people sharing views about their working lives. A 28 year old lady, Nora Watson, spoke about that poisoned chalice, or misnomer we call professional success - where a great income is matched only by a great emptiness. Nora’s days were spent writing literature for health care providers.

She said, “Jobs are not big enough for people. A job like mine, if you really put your spirit into it, you would sabotage immediately. You don't dare. So you absent your spirit from it. My mind has been so divorced from my job, except as a source of income, it's really absurd. You invest a job with a lot of values that the society doesn't allow you to put into a job. You want it to be a million things that it's not and you want to give it a million parts of yourself that nobody else wants there. So you end up wrecking the curve or else settling down and conforming.”

It was around the time of Terkel’s book, that Abraham Maslow extended his theory on the hierarchy of human needs, to say that not only do we possess the urge to move beyond survival needs & to self-actualise, we can extend to a point called transcendence, that is, where we help others to self-actualise.

Human Rewilding is an offshoot of the Rewilding conservation movement. It aims to restore the balance between WHO we are and WHAT we do, in order to more fully realise our potential.

‘If Paleololithic man was wild, then 21st-century man is fully domesticated. But around the world, domesticated humans are removing their “leashes” — nine-to-five office jobs, mortgages and the drive-thru window — to discover their raw and essential selves.’

In this workshop we will look at the philosophy, or evolution of thinking that accompanies how we view work. The psychology session will cover how being misaligned with your work has a huge bearing on your emotional well-being as well as all of your significant relationships. As for the personal biography, we will look at the life of someone who left a meaningful career to follow the path of the heart and witness his life flourish.

Despite four decades passing since Maslow’s enlightened ideal and Nora Watson speaking of ruing having settled for a career, vocational fulfillment is still very much a fringe affair.

As the Sociologist Zygmunt Bauman suggests, “Work that is rich in gratifying experience, work as self-fulfillment, in short, work as vocation has become the privilege of the few, a distinctive mark of the elite, a way of life the rest may watch in awe, admire and contemplate at a distance.”

It needn’t be this way. It’s time we Rewild the realm of work.

Join us in endeavouring to align who we are with what we do in order to make more valuable contributions to the communities we are linked to.

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