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Astrology Course Sydney

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Astrology Course Sydney

A two day retreat which provides a comprehensive overview of astrology exploring the zodiac signs, houses, planets and how they aspect one another. You'll also be given support to understand your birth chart as well as what is currently impacting you.

  • Learning materials and your personal astrology charts are provided

  • Suits both beginners and those with some understanding of astrological concepts

  • Includes meals and accommodation

  • Set in a peaceful Blue Mountains backdrop nestled into bushlands

Our Blue Mountains Retreat centre is on the outskirts of Sydney, NSW and close to public transport.

Book your astrology retreat and I'll get in touch to arrange a time with you.

*Book a midweek program and save $50 off our astrology courses.

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Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You.
—Dane Rudhyar


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