Perception Goes Beyond The Shell Of Appearance... and Into Essence - Gary Zukav

Dare To Discover Your Hidden Depths

This human condition is full of paradoxes. So much of our focus is directed to creating a comfortable and secure existence. But once we manage to attain it, those pleasant feelings quickly deteriorate into boredom and malaise. A deeper part of us demands that we feel intensely alive and regularly participate in new and rich experiences.

One reason many of us are intrigued by biographies is that our own lives feel unremarkable. So we turn to stories of people who have, or continue, to live at the frontiers of possibility. In doing so we become enthralled or inspired by remarkable lives. Look deeper though and there tends to be a common thread among memorable lives.

Consider some contemporary and classic biographies: Dave Pelzer, Elizabeth Gilbert, Maya Angelou, Anne Frank, Christy Brown, Albert Facey, Henry David Thoreau, Marjane Satrapi, Barack Obama and Robyn Davidson. Their backgrounds and circumstances are wildly disparate. What unites them is they each endured a major wounding that knocked them off the common human trajectory, causing them to think and live on a far deeper level.

Most of us are aware that our physically muscles only strengthen or actually function, through being regularly stretched and even torn. Avoiding exercise and discomfort only leads to weakening and potentially dangerous levels of atrophy. Unfortunately, many people fail to apply the same principle to their emotions, intellect or psyche.

Karen Quan posed the question, “You know what truly aches? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out.”

Breaking your shell involves refusing to stay confined by a life that doesn’t allow you to express who you are and experience the fullness of life, which we only notice rarely among the people we meet.

Rather than allow suffering or frustration to paralyze or turn you into a victim, a much more empowered attitude is to see them as catalysts to shake you out of torpor.

In mythology, Chiron represents the archetype of the Wounded Healer. After being poisoned by an arrow, he was unable to heal his wound leading to constant suffering. While searching for a cure, he discovered how to heal others. Though teaching others the healing arts, he found a degree of comfort from his own pain.

Whether the impetus is your suffering or desire to live a more authentic life, I am committed to helping you break your shell, reveal your deepest gift and assist you in finding the joy that comes from turning your focus from self-serving to serving-others.

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