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The Ideal Palace

Joseph Ferdinand Cheval was born in the southeast of France. Coming from a poor farming family he left school at 13, becoming a baker's apprentice before changing careers to be a rural postman at 31.

His personal life was marred by loss. Joseph married at 22 and later had two sons, one of whom died at the age of 1. His wife died when he was 37.

In astrology, Saturn is the archetype of the sage which uses pain as a means to shift our attention on what we should focus on. Consider the restriction we have collectively felt during 2020 with Saturn being in its home sign of austere Capricorn. Sure, we might be missing international travel but if the consequences of vast economic inequality and environmental collapse are staring us down, what is ultimately of greater importance?

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Astrology Today

astrology today

Covid is the prime topic of conversation from politicians, scientists and economists through to conspiracy theorists and celebrities. Elevated above all this noise, comes the cosmic perspective.

Astrology 2020

This article explores the insights that astrology and numerology offer during this time of global upheaval.

Astrology holds that the interplay between planets causes a collective impact. We’ll look at 3 important influences of astrology for today.

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn spends around 2.5 years in each planet. Saturn rules structures (governments, nations, institutions etc) while Aquarius is the sign of the rebel. It is fuelled by a desire to tear down what is outdated and replace it with something better and more equitable.

When this planet and sign last constellated back in 1991, the Berlin Wall came down, borders opened and free elections ousted Communist regimes in Eastern Europe. Before the year was out, the Soviet Union dissolved into its individual republics.

saturn in aquarius 2020

The last transit of Saturn into Aquarius reunited those separated by the Berlin wall

Saturn in Aquarius 2020

In March 2020, Saturn dipped into Aquarius where it will largely remain for the next three years. Saturn being the planet of restriction and structures, March 2020 was when the government here in Australia started imposing safety laws and social distancing measures.

Initial annoyance over the imposition of rules and restrictions soon gave way to a greater respect for other people's wellbeing.

Woke up this morning
I suddenly realised
We're all in this together

The musician Ben Lee was ahead of his time when he wrote the song, ‘We’re all in this together’ 15 years ago.

saturn in aquarius

2020 is a double 2 year in numerology, the 2 archetype being to do with cooperation vs divisiveness.

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Astrology Numerology

astrology numerology

Numerology with Astrology

Case Study - The Pollster & The Statesman

Our esoteric blueprint is revealed largely from our numerology and astrology charts.

Following it is the key to fulfilment.

A political leader can be either a pollster or a statesman (leader with integrity).

Donald Trump is a classic example of the former.

His astrological sun sign is Gemini.

Ruled by the fast-moving planet of Mercury, this archetype is flexible, versatile, curious and loves variety.

The sign is associated with trade and Trump has proven to be one of America’s great dealmakers.

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Numerology Compatibility

numerology compatibility

Numerology for Compatibility

Compatibility numerology in relationships provides insight into suitability for romance, appreciation of differences and how to better cultivate relationship harmony.

When first meeting people we show our personality number.

But our heart’s desire number, or the deeper side to ourselves, is only revealed in time, as we feel safer and more comfortable with them.

Often we become attracted to the facade (personality number) that others show.

A prospective partner may be a natural match in terms of personality numbers, but a strong clash with our heart’s desire number.

Compatibility in Numerology

Equally important, is knowing whether our life path number syncs with a partner’s or repels them.

Our life path number, or ruling number, is the most important in our numerological blueprint.

numerology 6

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