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tarot service break your shell

Tarot Reading

Intuitive readings from a professional, experienced reader. My intent is to help break through the shell of your familiar self to help uncover your more authentic and vital self.

reiki energy work

Energy Work

Trained in Reiki and Seichim, I incorporate both modalities and tune into the areas, which most need work. Clients find this a very relaxing practice and great preparation for a reading.

counselling service break your shell

Transpersonal Counselling

My natural counselling skills have been further honed through formal studies and experience working with clients. Helping people to take control of their lives is my speciality.

events break your shell

Other Services

My tarot skills are available for group events and functions. I also teach tarot reading, run workshops and offer guidance on overcoming unhealthy family dynamics.

Our Core Service


“Shhhh! She is traveling between worlds right now. You can see her holding the tension of not knowing ~ she is simply breathing into her unanswered questions. Sometimes she drinks her coffee with quaking hands, not knowing where her relationship or her bank account is going. But this time, she is holding onto the tension of not knowing, and is not willing to hit the panic button. She is unlearning thousands of years of conditioning. She is not being split between the opposing forces of fight and flight. She is neither naïve nor ignorant. She is a frontier woman, paving new roads & making new choices. She is willing to make a new transcendent possibility emerge. You may see her now ~ standing at thresholds, or at crossroads ~ breathing into her body ~ intently listening for inner signals. She’s learning new navigation skills as she arrives at a most magical moment of her life.” — Sukhvinder Sircar

Helping people become more empowered in their lives is the fundamental focus of all my services.

Sukhvinder’s quote is not so much gender specific, as it is a directive to balance our feminine and masculine qualities, both individually and collectively. The masculine qualities of achievement, logic and material prosperity dominate. While there are many benefits to this, there are costs borne in terms of mental health issues, relationship and family breakdown, as well as low levels of wellbeing and health. If we are to find more equanimity in life then we must incorporate more of our empathetic and intuitive side. Nature offers us wonderful examples of healthy processes.

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Why Work With Me?

Perhaps you feel anchored by a dispiriting work life, unfulfilling relationship, unhealthy family dynamics, or have simply noticed that life seems to have lost its lustre. Having known what it is like to face each of these anguishes, I have both first hand experience in turning things around and a great deal of empathy for people battling them. Additionally, I pride myself on being authentic, living a life of integrity and walking the talk. Lastly, I believe I have both a natural gift for this work and I am constantly deepening my understanding and studies in these areas.

When it comes to finding the right person for you to work with, check in with your intuition for who feels right. As C. JoyBell C advised, "Our bodies have five senses, But not to be overlooked are the senses of our souls: intuition, peace, foresight, trust, empathy."

Feel free to call or email if you'd like to get more of a sense of who I am and to determine if you think we'd work well together.

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What Our Clients Say

  • What an amazing reading from such a beautiful and inspiring soul. Ginny was a revelation and helped me work through my questions in such a caring, generous and understanding way. I walked away feeling like a huge burden had been lifted from me and that my path forward was clear and exciting. Thank you so much Ginny. I can't recommend you enough. This was the best reading I have ever had!

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