Numerology: Understanding the Building Blocks of your Life

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"Numbers are the highest degree of knowledge. It is knowledge itself. - Plato

Numbers are the universal language. The mathematician, Galileo said, The book of Nature is written in numbers. Author Dan Brown brought popular awareness of the golden ratio in his book, The Da Vinci Code. This ratio is the key to everything from encrypting computer data, to the numbers of spirals forming on a sunflower, to our own limbs and explains why the Mona Lisa is so pleasing to the eye.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of the relationship between names, numbers and birthdates. Numerology is derived from the word numerus, the Latin word for number, and the Greek word logos, meaning word and thought.

The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, studied ancient cultures and learned about numerology, which researchers suggest was practiced in Egypt, over 13 000 years ago. He saw the universe as consisting of mathematical patterns and believed that everything can be expressed in numbers, which correspond to the energy patterns of vibrations.

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Numerology Compatibility (relationships)

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Numerology has a huge amount to offer in terms of determining relationship compatibility and how to better cultivate relationship harmony. When first meeting people we show our personality number. But our heart’s desire number, or the deeper side to ourselves, is only revealed in time, as we feel safer. Often we become attracted to the facade (personality number) that others show. A prospective partner may be a natural match in terms of personality numbers, but a strong clash with our heart’s desire numbers.

More importantly, is knowing whether our ruling numbers sync with a partner’s or repels them. Our ruling number is the most important number in our numerological blueprint. Let’s say you have a ruling number 6, which is the nurturer. Your life path revolves around nurturing a family or one’s community (eg Steve Irwin). You will, therefore, find a natural match with a ruling number 9, which is the humanitarian (eg Gandhi). The 9 nurtures the workplace, wider society etc and is also very other-oriented and service minded. Both the 6 and 9 are creatively minded, ensuring they have a heart and mind matching.

If you possess the ruling number 6, you are likely to clash with a ruling number 5, which is characterised as freedom and adventure seeking. The 5 resists forming roots and loathes being tied down (eg Steven Spielberg), the antithesis of the 6, which feels most comfortable in a home and domestic environment. While there is little long-term compatibility between these two, the trouble arises from opposites attracting, at least in the short term.

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Numerology and Greater Self-understanding, Career and Life Purpose Guidance

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When it comes to understanding the outer world we draw on the physical sciences such as physics and chemistry. But to understand our inner world we can draw on the metaphysical sciences such as numerology and astrology. Numerology offers great insight into human personality and discovering our individuality.

Consider the experience of Gillian Lynne. At school, she had a distinct lack of focus, constantly fidgeted and significantly underperformed. Concerned that something was amiss, her parents sought out the expertise of a doctor to help explain why she was languishing. The doctor noticed how Gillian reacted to hearing his radio. She began dancing and was fully present and absorbed by it. Rather than prescribe her ADHD medication or berate her for being a poor student, he suggested they enrol her in dance school. She went on to become a great success as a theatre choreography and was associated with two of the longest-running shows in Broadway history, Phantom of the Opera and Cats.

In addition to drawing on the expertise of psychologists and other specialists to help us with self-understanding, numerology also offers insight into our unique makeup and the makeup of our loved ones. Had Gillian’s parents sought the wisdom of a numerologist they might have been told that with a ruling number of 22/4, Gillian would be hands-on, practical, energetic, competitive and find her best fit as a leader, rather than an employee stifled by restrictions.

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