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Career Guidance

Methodology: Draws on career development tools in order to offer vocational suggestions.

Conventional career advice relies on delving into the strengths, values and passions of a client in order to match a suitable career with marketplace demand and opportunities. Just as the world of work is far more dynamic than it was fifty years ago, so too are career development tools. Chaos theory, narrative therapy and other resources allow for greater matching than simple typology.

My foundation in mainstream career development resources underpins the holistic approach I take with clients.




Numerology Insights 

Methodology: Looks at key career indicators in a numerology chart

Howard Gardener described 9 types of intelligence we can be capable in. Similarly, there are 9 archetypal patterns relating to numbers. If your numerology chart suggests a focus on introspective or scientific work, then placing yourself in a sales role working predominately with people is going to seem ill-fitting.

Our career interests change with our physical age, so too do they shift with the cycles of development outlined in a numerology chart. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in helping people who feel in a state of flux.




Astrology Insights

Methodology: Looks at key career indicators in an astrology chart

A persons sun sign tends to excel in certain domains. For example, Leo’s love to entertain while a Virgo enjoys detail oriented work such as accountancy or working as a librarian. In a world where there has never been more niche careers, understanding the intricacies of your chart helps to steer you beyond a field of work and into a specifically crafted career that will stimulate you, stretch you and allow you to serve the world best.

Astrological influences often surface as particular moments in our lives. Understanding which planets and signs are having a strong impact on us can help us let go of outworn career modes and embrace new pursuits.


Career Advisor Sydney & Blue Mountains

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"A wave of Time hangs motionless on this particular shore.

I notice a tree, arsenical grey in the light, or the slow

Wheel of the stars, the Great Bear glittering colder than snow,

And remember there was something else I was hoping for.

-Theodore Roethke

Do you find yourself among the fortunate minority of people who feel connected to and passionate about your work? Or do you relate more to Roethke's reflection that there is something else you had hoped for from your working life?

Finding your North Star ~ or anchor ~ Career wise

Polaris, The North Star, is renowned for practically remaining still in our sky while the whole northern sky moves around it. It is not nearly the brightest star but its value comes from its fixity. For centuries people have relied on it to sail the seas and cross trackless deserts without losing their bearings.

Being a yellow supergiant star shining with the luminosity of 2500 suns, it is easy to find the Pole Star.

Finding our vocational North Star is usually a lot more challenging.

Often it requires a belief that there is something only we are uniquely qualified to do.

Take the case of Abraham Lincoln.

abraham lincoln

He grew up in the backwoods of America's Middle West. Born in a log cabin, he didn’t receive any schooling and very rarely travelled. With his father being both lazy and wasteful with money, he grew up in grinding poverty. Despite this, he taught himself to read.

One idea that shaped him came from the ancient Greeks who held that if you accomplish something worthwhile you live on even when you’re dead. After getting a job on a pioneer farm Lincoln continued to educate himself while feeding his dream of making the world a better place, having lived in it.

Lincoln might have found his defining centre in wanting to become a true statesman but clarity of purpose is just one element to a calling.

Career Coaching - taking career insights and actualising them

Equally important to finding career direction is demonstrating tenacity, courage and the willingness to meet with failure.

Often it requires a belief that there is something only we are uniquely qualified to do.

After overcoming depression and a nervous breakdown Lincoln failed in the political arena for over 20 years. Then he achieved a huge upset to win the race for the presidency over 3 far more educated, experienced & celebrated rivals. He stunned the world by electing each of them into his cabinet.

Lincoln spoke with an eloquence that suggested the stories he read in his early years had infiltrated his very soul. His emotional IQ proved far more important than the thinness of his external resume.

Showing qualities of a true leader, he issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which paved the way for the abolishing of slavery.

job satisfaction

Once you locate your vocational lodestar things begin to coalesce in your life

Holistic Counselling - reinstating soul into the equation

Carl Jung evolved beyond the prevailing model of a therapist. Instead of ‘power over’ he adopted ‘power with.’

Jung identified with his patients and learned from them. They lived out particular myths. Some were romantics, others were gamblers and so forth. Many had become too attached to their myths or consumed by unhealthy forms of them, but at least they had some guiding force.

Jung vowed that he would find out what his myth was and live by it. In his case, it turned to be that his archetypal guiding force was that of a pioneer.

In moving beyond the conscious mind he allowed himself to be taught via dreams and the archetypes brought forth by the collective unconscious. He popularised the notion of synchronicity or meaningful coincidence as a way for the universe to guide people should they be open to higher consciousness.

Reflecting on ancient wisdoms such as astrology and more modern, reductionist wisdom such as psychology, he said:

“Obviously astrology has much to offer psychology, but what the latter can offer its elder sister is less evident.”

While the field of modern career counselling has come a long way since its origins in personality profiling it tends to focus on cognitive factors include our rate of pay, the level of job security, opportunity to use our skills and our prospects for advancement.

The emotional aspects involve things like kinship, absorption, the satisfaction of using our gifts and the feeling that our work is meaningful. Living in a society that values the material much more than the aspirational, we typically overweight the cognitive elements in a job and neglect the emotional, or soulful aspects.

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The mission of Polaris is to utilise both conventional or mainstream vocational development tools as well as esoteric ones. For as Jung and other great thinkers have recognised, the rational mind can only take us so far.


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