Breathwork Retreat 

Spiritual Counselling and Breathwork in a Blue Mountains Bushland Setting
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Breathwork Retreat 2020


Breathwork, also known as rebirthing, is a powerful form of healing.

It allows a person to use breathwork techniques to work through stress, anxiety or trauma, which often gets buried in the body.

This rebirthing retreat combines spiritual counseling and having a breath coach guide you through a range of breathwork exercises.

Indigenous cultures have always seen grieving as a natural process that has a significant purpose, often viewing it as a “rite of passage.”

Men and women would wail for days, wearing certain dress, performing song, dance, ceremony, healing breath or going to sacred places to allow the sadness to be exhumed. This could be done alone, within a tribe or with the entire support of one’s community.

Western culture, however, diverts us from fully feeling by telling us to remain stoic or busy, which serves to store our emotions inside our bodies and minds.

Through a breathwork retreat you’ll find the time and space to honour those grieving processes and traumas that have been deeply buried.


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Spiritual Retreats NSW


If you're looking for more spiritual counseling or energetic healing, I also do reiki healing and intuitive counselling using the tarot.

Either of these other modalities can be incorporated into your retreat program if you're not after an intensive breathwork focus.

For those close to Sydney, I also run a monthly breathwork workshop on a Saturday evening, which includes having a shared meal with other participants.

Taking part in guided breathwork in my yurt (a dedicated healing space) is a unique and potentially transformative experience.


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Spiritual therapist Sydney - Ginny Shearer

Integrative Breathwork Therapy

breathwork for trauma release

Breathwork for Trauma Release

Breathwork for trauma is a way to transmute tumult into peace and woundedness into harmony. Through circular breathing you can release blockages stored within you and return to body cohesion and alignment.

“Letting go is about releasing the energy of the past to give us back our lives in the present which is necessary to deliver us into a new future. ~ David Bercili.



breathwork for anxiety

Breathwork for Anxiety

One of the greatest benefits of a breathwork class is being able to release anxiety and return to a stage of calmness and trust. As our body returns to balance, so do our thoughts, with our life circumstances soon following the path of health.

Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future. ~ Deepak Chopra



conscious breathing

Conscious Breathing

Breathworks not only to assist with negative emotions and blocks. One can also employ conscious breathing breathwork for health stress release and personal mastery. The Vietnamese monk, Thich, said we are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. Conscious breathing works to bring connection within and without.

Smile, breathe, and go slowly. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh


Spiritual Retreat Program

Program Outline:

Day 1

Morning Session

Birth conception and gestational trauma


Afternoon Session

Personal law - resolving and dissolving negative thought patterns

Day 2

Morning Session

Parental patterns - Parental disapproval / approval syndrome


Afternoon Session

School Trauma - individualisation

Day 3 (for those doing the optional 3 day program)

Morning Session

Relationships & life cycles 


Afternoon Session

Loving awareness and life manifesto 

Cost: $540 for the 2 day program (*weekend program $590), $790 for the 3 day program

Inclusions: Breathwork, counselling and healing sessions.

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Transformational Breath Guided Session

  • Transformational Breath Session

    "I did a 3 day breathwork retreat with Ginny. She is an amazing and knowledgeable Breathwork practitioner! She holds and creates a beautiful space for her clients to go deep and release trauma, whilst also providing a very clear understanding of the forces that are at play". - M Armstrong

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Breathwork Retreat Location

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Enjoy our bush land setting nestled in the Blue Mountains
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An ideal space to do some yoga, meditation or silent contemplation
breathwork retreat
Tranquility can be found within the retreat space and outside
Blue mountains retreat
Situated within walking distance of the majestic Mini Ha Ha waterfall