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Working in the finance industry, my relationship with numbers couldn’t have been more prosaic. At age 28 I had worked my way into a stockbroking position that offered all sorts of lucrative career paths. The trouble was, working in a career that only offered financial rewards proved deeply unsatisfying. At the time I was unaware that I was just completing my first 28-year numerological cycle and was transitioning to my next phase of development. A number 7 life cycle has to do with becoming a contemplative truth seeker, a far cry from the world of high finance. Unsure what new career direction to take I took the unusual step of making a petition that if there was some higher, guiding force in life, that it direct me to a book that might nudge me in the right direction.

During my lunch break, I entered a bookstore and was drawn to a book called Heroes, written by a famous sports player. It outlined a philosophy called the Hero’s Journey, which suggested we all have the potential to live a rich, significant and adventurous life. Inspired by the notion that I might do more with my life than merely crunch numbers I browsed the book’s suggestions for further reading. One of the books it listed claimed one could, “Learn more about yourself and your friends with amazing accuracy, through your birth dates.”

I had always been intrigued by psychology and various personal development books, but nothing ever felt quite as illuminating as reading that recommended book and learning about my life path, or ruling numerology number.

As a 30/3 (The Creative) it suggested that my inherent drive involved self-expression. Self-expression was perhaps the polar opposite of the work I had been pursuing in finance roles. Over the years I had dabbled in things that offered me self-expression but found my self-consciousness and self-doubts too daunting to persist with it, despite the satisfaction it offered. My ruling number description laid out that this was a normal challenge to overcome, rather than something to shirk.

Feeling emboldened by the uncanny accuracy of that reading I left my stockbroking position and enrolled in a course to become a workplace trainer. That was coupled with joining the public speaking organisation, Toastmasters, to help me come to terms with my fear of public speaking. Working in teaching roles proved to be infinitely more fulfilling than anything I had done up until then.

With a destiny, or best expression number 9 (The Nobleman), I came to learn that the best use of my talents is to be directed toward humanitarian focuses. My teaching and public speaking work saw me work with organisations that worked with homeless youth, international outdoor education, environmental causes and other bigger picture areas.

Possessing an outer personality number 4 (The Worker Bee), I worked hard to achieve my goals and counter the negative tendencies of my ruling number 3, which is to scatter one’s focus and not see things through.

The last core number I had to integrate was my inner personality number 5 (The Adventurer). This impulse saw me constantly change jobs and always seek out greener pastures. As I understood this number better, I realised that working for myself rather than an employer was the best way for me to find the autonomy I craved. It proved to be a masterstroke.

As my career direction brought with it a great deal of fulfillment and opportunities, numerology became something I explored only on occasion. Apart from speaking to friends about their numerology chart, I would sometimes bring it into the classroom environment.

Disengaged job seekers who found little motivation in hearing about interview techniques for the umpteenth time became intrigued by the notion of there being a more mystical explanation of the paths they should take. One troublesome job seeker was constantly bouncing from one labouring job to the next, always fighting with bosses. Upon reading his life path description, which spoke of him having a creative disposition, he disclosed that he had always secretly wanted to become a singer, but only did so in the safety of his bedroom. With greater insight into his inner yearnings, he found the courage to join a band and pursue his real passion.

Upon finding more time to explore numerology in greater depth I have found it equally penetrating in terms of understanding relationship dynamics and how partners can determine the innate compatibility between one another as well as how to better focus on areas that need greater work and sensitivity.


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  • I never knew how numerology has an influence upon the story of my life, that was until I met Marcus who explained so much about my numbers and how they relate to me. The greatest benefit of numerology for me was the gift of insight. - Lisa P

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