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Book on Career 

A Different Drummer: Follow Your Own Beat To Find Enlivening Work And Lead An Extraordinary Life


Reflect for a moment, on how freeing it would be if we could get the work/life balance right, if we could reclaim work as the seat of our passions and the pulsing engine of our better nature, giving energy and definition to who we really are. The author of this work - intended as an ongoing series - clearly believes that this is possible, that it is possible to “relish being at work” and to “bring that feeling of invigoration back into (one’s) home life.”

This book doesn’t revert to giving you tests to take or offering packaged information on how to find your ideal career. What it will do is take you on a road trip and insist that you keep an inventory on what you see, invite you to take note of the signposts along the way and set a style of your own that is not imitative.


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